Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Marital & Family Law

Of more than 100,000 attorneys in the State of Florida, Paul F. Grondahl is one of only 274 lawyers designated by the Florida Bar as a Board Certified Specialist in Marital & Family Law (B.C.S). In deciding who will represent you in your divorce or other family law case, ask yourself whether you and your case deserve and demand an expert.


Marital & Family Law includes the broad spectrum of complex legal issues arising out of family relationships, including divorce and those issues affecting children born outside of marriage. As a Board Certified Expert, Mr. Grondahl has devoted his law practice to handling such matters, and has obtained a designation reserved by the Florida Bar for those very few lawyers who have demonstrated special experience in this area of law.

After graduating from the University of Miami in 1996, Mr. Grondahl began his practice as a trial lawyer representing prominent insurance companies in complex trial litigation. For the past decade, Mr. Grondahl has narrowed his practice to helping divorcing spouses through the complexities of divorce, including property valuation and division, child custody, spousal and child support, and a myriad of other issues. He is now acknowledged as one of few experts in the field.

Mr. Grondahl uses his expertise and trial experience to thoroughly evaluate every family law case and to develop viable settlement options as an alternative to prolonged litigation. It is trial experience that allows Board Certified attorneys to predict likely outcomes should a case proceed to trial, and which affords the leverage necessary to secure fair settlements. Of course, if your case must proceed to trial, the expertise and trial savvy of a Board Certified Specialist becomes invaluable.


Mr. Grondahl understands that no one desires to live in the midst of conflict and uncertainty. His philosophy is to first make every effort to avoid unnecessary litigation and help clients swiftly toward “the light at the end of the tunnel” - a new life of relative peace and happiness. Mr. Grondahl strives to know his clients by learning about them, their children, their financial circumstances, and their long-term goals. He then tailors the client's unique circumstances and personal goals into a thoughtful and practical settlement strategy. By understanding each case, and by applying his experience as a Board Certified Expert, a concerted effort can be made to shorten the length of the case, thereby reducing the emotional toll of litigation and preserving assets for clients and their children.

Unfortunately, not all cases resolve by way of compromise, and these require judicial resolution. Courtroom representation, in such cases, requires an experienced advocate. Mr. Grondahl applies his expertise and provides zealous representation throughout the course of litigation. Mr. Grondahl devotes his attention and hard work in planning, preparation, and courtroom performance, from the inception of your case through trial.


Paul Grondahl believes in a professional and ethical approach to representing clients. The very best attorneys strive to practice in this manner, and the right to call oneself a Board Certified Expert requires it. Zealous, tireless and assertive representation can all be accomplished professionally. Experienced attorneys recognize that the right mix of these traits accomplishes the most favorable outcomes in settlement negotiation and trial.


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